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United States Postal Service in 138 Sea Grove Main Street

United States Postal Service in 138 Sea Grove Main Street, Florida: consumer reviews, opening hours, driving directions, photos etc.


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138 Sea Grove Main Street,
St. Augustine, Florida
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+1 800-275-8777

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Today: 09:00 am — 05:00 pm

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Customer Reviews about United States Postal Service:

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    First I have to say. Everyone at this place is great except one person that I am writing about. So do not let this reflect anyone but the guilty. Wow, I happened to stumble upon the reviews of this place when I was looking for the phone number. Just about a year ago a wrote a letter to the Postmaster about Kelly. I have been shipping for 20 years and also have a strong knowledge of the mail system. After 20 time of being aggravated by Kelly just watching him criticize every package everyone drops off I finally broke and wrote the Postmaster. I told them to send a secret shopper in to watch because I am 100% sure that Kelly will say something to each and every customer that is rude and critical. I let them know that I know drive out of my way 10 miles to go to a farther post office just so I do not have to deal with him. One time since my wife was in a rush and I told her "just go to the other post office it will be worth it" she went anyway, and wound up having to spend more time because Kelly as usually. I am really not sure if he is purposely trying to get fired or what his deal is. I am sure he must know by now that people are so aggravated that they wont even go into this post office because they no he is a hassle. And I am not sure why nothing has been done. I thought I was the only one to complain about this but I see numerous complaints here which means there are thousands more. What is the deal with that? I hope he figures this out, it stinks that customers have to go out of the way just to avoid and employees. And when you have this many complaints you have to do something about it. Of course its been a year at least since I stepped foot in there because until he is gone I am not going in there. But the last time was about 3 months ago since my wife was last there and had issues. So if this has been corrected by now I dont know.
    By Bob F, April 29, 2017
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    I have lived on the island for a month and I'm at the PO almost daily. So far I have only seen two employees, a man and a woman. The man is always very helpful, even when the line is out the door (which it frequently is since this is the only PO on the island). He is friendly and talks to people like they are people, with respect. And they return the courtesy to him. The woman should be written up for her bad attitude or she should find another job not dealing with the public. I have repeatedly witnessed and been the target of her condescending scolding like we are all idiots. Get her out of there and give the job to someone who takes pride in it.
    By Cynthia Woscek, December 20, 2016
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    Had good service from the gentleman; however, the woman who works there is rude to everyone that I've seen her deal with. She talks to all of the patrons like they are idiots and scolds you if you don't understand her instructions right away.
    By john colson, November 07, 2016
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Kelly is the worst postal service employee I have ever met and needs to be fired. I don't often complain, but this guy is horrible! With employees like him, it's no wonder the postal service is losing billions of dollars each year. It is a shame that in this economy with so many competent people out of work that people like Kelly have a job with full benefits and retirement no matter how many times they constantly screw up. Each and every time I have tried to mail a package with Kelly, he has made mistakes that cost me time and money. He is usually grumpy and seems irritated to have to do his simple job. A few months ago, I needed to ship a package to China with delivery confirmation. Kelly told me that it was impossible to do this at the post office and that I had to go to a place such as FedEx or UPS. I spend half the day driving around to various shipping places including UPS and FedEx and they all told me that the only place that could ship to China, with delivery confirmation, at a reasonable price, was the postal service! Finally, I went to the other post office down town where Kelly does NOT work, the nice people in there shipped the package to China with delivery confirmation for $16, no questions asked. They all looked confused when I explained to them that Kelly said this wasn't possible and the run around he put me through. Today, I went to mail a simple package, and of course only Kelly was there. I told him I need this package shipped to NY the cheapest way with Tracking/Delivery confirmation so I can prove it got there. He did it quickly, the price looked right and I went back to work. A few hours later I went to send the recipient the tracking number from the receipt, and Kelly didn't put delivery confirmation / tracking on the package! Really, how hard is that? I called the post office and they informed I would have to drive across town again to pay the $0.80 for them to slap delivery confirmation on the package that Kelly screwed up. So I had to waste 45minutes, gas, and leave work because this guy isn't competent enough to push the right buttons on his screen. The least they could have done was put on the package free, or took my credit card number for the $0.80 over the phone to prevent me from wasting time and gas. It's no wonder America's government is so messed up. They hire people like Kelly who can't even do the simplest of jobs, give them full benefits and retirement, then refuse to fire them even though they are useless... ridiculous. For now on I will call and see if someone besides Kelly is working to ship my package, or just take the longer drive to the post office down town where I know there are competent employees.
    By Mike Blalock, October 05, 2016
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